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quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2015


"Aquarium" by Yonatan Talfrom CalArts

CHOIR TOUR by Atom Art

terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

A Man Called Man

"A Man Called Man" by Guy Charnaux

An Object at Rest

"An Object at Rest" by Seth Boyden
"Um objecto em repouso" curta-metragem realizada por Seth Boyden

segunda-feira, 27 de abril de 2015

The OceanMaker

"After the seas have disappeared, a courageous female pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds."

The OceanMaker from Mighty Coconut on Vimeo.


"Fears" - a graduation short film by Nata Metlukh, from Vancouver Film School.

"Medos" - Um filme de final de curso realizado por Nata Metlukh, da escola VFS - Vancouver Film School.

Erin Kim - Ear Fear

CalArts BFA3 film "Ear Fear"
"A man living a secret life faces a crisis when he finally finds his true soulmate."


Swim Meet, made by Samantha Maurer from CallArts

ALEPH by Analog

ALEPH from Analog on Vimeo.

sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Charge (Short Film) - Gerrit Bekers

by Wizz Design

Charge (Short Film) - Gerrit Bekers from WIZZ design on Vimeo.

100 Years - Armenian Genocide

100 Years - Armenian Genocide from 2veinte on Vimeo.

"In this special year 2015, we did this 3 minute animation for the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish government denies to the date that the genocide took place. It has passed a hundred years, today April 24th, and we`ll keep on fighting till recognition. This is a small tribute to the 1.500.000 victims."

The Alchemist's Letter by Carlos Stevens

The Alchemist's Letter from Carlos Stevens on Vimeo.

"J'ai rencontré la femme de mes rêves"

"J'ai rencontré la femme de mes rêves" - "I met the girl of my dreams by Carlin Diaz"

A short-film that I found very interesting visually and with a style that I love.
Uma curta-metragem que achei bastante interessante visualmente e com um estilo que me atrai.

sexta-feira, 24 de abril de 2015

Amelia by Tanguy Weyland

Curta-metragem da escola Supinfocom realizada por Tanguy Weyland. Historia inspirada na vida de Amelia Earhart, a primeira mulher a atravessar o oceano Atlântico de avião.

Short film from the School Supinfocom, made by Tanguy Weyland. The story is inspired by the life of Amelia Earhart, first woman to ever cross the Atlantic ocean by plane.


MEGALIZER II - Animated by: / Animação por:

Vic CHHUN - [00'05"]
William LABORIE - [00'25"]
David MAINGAULT - [00'40"]
Leyla KADDOURA - [00'55"]
Faouzi HAMMADI - [01'10"]
Anne-Lou ERAMBERT - [01'25"]
Raphaël CHABASSOL - [01'40"]
Abdel Raouf ZAIDI - [01'55"]
Yvon JARDEL - [02'10"]
Thierno BAH - [02'25"]
Viviane KARPP - [02'40"]
Jeremy PIRES - [02'55"]
Delphine DUSSOUBS - [03'10"]
Jonathan Djob NKONDO - [03'25"]
Mehdi TEBBAKH - [03'40"]
Mohamed FADERA - [03'55"]

Ruine by Matthieu chauvirey

terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

BATZ, the Full Movie

BATZ, the Full Movie
Production/ Produção : Kawanimation Paris
Written/ Argumento : Max Maleo, Aurélien Predal, Pierre Razetto & Dimitri Cohen Tanugi

Art&Graft Studio : The Walk

"Inspired by the picturesque scenery of the Lake District, 'The Walk' is a short film about the simple pleasure of putting one foot in front of the other." Animated short film by Art&Graft Studio.

Animacao pelos estudios Art&Graft.

One Bright Dot

One Bright Dot from Clément Morin on Vimeo.

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux

Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux from Gwenn GERMAIN on Vimeo.

Pizza Delivery for the Physicist

Pizza Delivery for the Physicist! from Richard Chhoa on Vimeo.

quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2015

Baby Teeth

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